“I just want to say thank you for the excellent service to my business for the past 10 years. I opened my business 10 years ago and during the last 10 years; J.M Accounting has been taking care of my business in accounting and tax field. With the sound advises of accounting and tax, my business is performing better and better.

In addition, my wife’s individual tax return is also done by J.M Accounting every year. She is quite satisfied and happy about the service.

Anyway, I am looking forward to a successful long-term relationship with J.M Accounting. ”

Best Regards,

Li Bro international Pty Ltd

“Running a busy medical practice in Blacktown many friends wonder what make me to choose J.M Accounting; it’s quite simple, all the staff in J.M Accounting are approachable, always responding my questions promptly and in time. Its professional and excellent accountancy and taxation service is an obvious promotion in all the aspects of my business. I recommend it without any hesitate and reservation. “

- Dr Chris

“We were recommended to J.M Accounting by my financial planner. We run two recycling companies and needed a qualified and senior tax professional to dispose GST for my companies.

We appreciate J.M Accounting’s knowledge and dedication to the accounting profession. ”

- Sean

“J.M Accounting has integrated and systemic so many accounting services under one roof and is extremely experienced in the construction industry, which saves our time and energy to concentrate to our business’s running. Facing the various challenge and complications, J.M Accounting’s service in accounting and tax reveals prominent contribution to my company. AAA Construction and Investment Proprietary Limited appreciates for your valuable working. It’s really worth associating with J.M Accounting.”

- Christine

“J.M Accounting provides us with the on-site bookkeeping training, accounting support and tax expertise that enable our business goal to implement. Vivian updates the accounting knowledge and taxation information each month on a timely and regular basis for my company. She usually answers the phone with patient and professional and solves the problems we met promptly. Thus, we are enjoying our working relationship with J.M Accounting all the time.

Thank you, Vivian. ”


“Cignall Specialist Tobacconist has been a very happy business client with J.M Accounting. We consider J.M Accounting is a super valued business accountant and advisor. The accountant team in J.M Accounting is perfect. They have excellent communication skills and fully understand quickly what my business needs in different stage. They assist me to set up a company planning when the beginning of my business; then they help me get loan from bank and instruct me how to manage my business well. As a new exploiter in the Cigarette industry, seeking a trusted accountant is a key to the success of business. The accountants in J.M Accounting take care of my business as their own; they do not just account numbers and throw the accounts to me. They care about my business. Currently, my business is going very well. I should say thank you from my heart. I could not image what is going on if without your team helping my business.

I would like to recommend J.M Accounting team to your business. It deserves this.”


Cignall Specialist Tobacconist